Füzeserdei Akarat “Szellő”

Füzeserdei Akarat „Szellő” (Akarat means „Will”, Szellő means „Breeze”)

Szellő is the only male from litter „A”, the firstborn of Csengő, THE MALE. 🙂

His calm nature, and the wisdom in his eyes caught my attention even when he was a puppy.
He always let the girls do to him whatever they wanted. Even then he was a gentleman.
For a long time, I kept thinking about keeping him.

Then he ended up in Budapest, to the great joy of Ági, Polli and Karesz. 🙂
All his family, and everyone who knows him loves his intelligent and kind nature.

He is a large, strong male, his fur has a nice light brown color.
Even though he just started his hunting dog carrier, we can already see he has great apport skills and a very stable behaviour.

I have big plans for him. 🙂