Vizsla Rescue

This page has been added to the site because I would like everyone to know how many abandoned, mentally and

physically damaged vizsla  are waiting for help in this country.

 I have been a volunteer  at Futrinka, which is a Hungarian dog rescue organization.

We sheltered nearly a hundred Hungarian vizsla and vizsla mix in our home in the last years.

We socialized them, rehabilitated them, so they could start a happy new life on the side of their new owners.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the breed and the lack of information of the people just make things worse.

Because the lack of spaying, because of “ she should have one litter”, or “we don’t need the breed paperwork

confirming that the puppy is indeed a pedigree, because it’s just a piece of paper” because of these kind of principles

are there so many dogs in trouble. Unfortunately, many people are motivated by money and offer thin,

sick, unvaccinated, unsocialized puppies for a few thousand forints.

Not to mention the used up moms of those puppies.

Before/ After

Even one hundred words lead to one end……
I really think, that an adult or even an elderly dog can make a family complete.

Not everyone has to buy a vizsla puppy.


 If anyone still wants a vizsla puppy, and have all the right conditions,

than it’s very important to choose a puppy from good kennel, from parents with pedigree.

It should be vaccinated, microchipped, and should have good nerves.

If you would adopt instead: