HCH, SRBCH Parlagi Zsonglőr “Piszke”

Piszke, Csengő’s brother arrived recently to our kennel.

I had no doubts that he was fast-paced in our wall, since he was also an extremely intelligent, nerve-like, adaptable dog like his sister.

We found the common voice immediately.


He was born on 29.01.2011 in the Parlagi kennel, his mother Caramba z Tisnovskych Reviru “Pogány”, his father Csővárberki Újonc “Dalton”.

Both are excellent racing dogs. So far, he has got every opportunity to develop his talents.

He completed the ŐTV at the age of 20 months and finished Field Trial with his trainer, Szarka Ferenc.

In 2013 with a fantastic run at the European Cup Derby winner!


Piszke is a very easy-to-treat, extremely well-nosed male. He works passionately, is stable, his contribution is excellent.

Also easy to manage.


Piszke’s results:

ŐTV I. Prize
Field Trials:
Tiszanána: 6 points “good”
Cegléd: 11 points “excellent”
Cegléd Europe Cup: 12 points, Europe Cup Derby Winner




8 x CAC
3 x Res.CAC
3 x Res.CACIB
2 x CAC-HR

Hungária Champion
Serbian Champion


HD-A (hips)