About us

I am Nóra Stiglicz-Árkosi, founder of the Füzeserdei Hungarian Vizsla Kennel.


I started caring for dogs at age 13, and since then my enthusiasm has been unbroken.

Over the last 25 years, there have been a lot of things in our lives,
but the Hungarian Vizsla have always been a special place in my heart.


My first love was Pécel-falvi Vadász Helén “Bodza”.

She was my friend, my partner, my teacher. I learned from her the real meaning of dogs
and I’m forever committed to this wonderful breed.

With Bodza we tasted the world of hunting and captured the charm.

Until  the age of 12 we were actively involved in small huntings.
She has been retired since but she’s spending her years in love.



Unfortunately, she could not have her puppies because of her hip dysplasia, but I did not want to stay without a Vizsla,
so I started looking for a wonderful dog like Bodza.


Parlagi-Vadász Bársony “Csengő”  became part of our family 8 years ago, who is much worthy to be the founding female of the kennel.